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My name is Jacob Haendel. Not only am I a survivor of Toxic Acute Progressive Stage 4 Leukoencephalopathy and Locked-In Syndrome, but I'm the only documented recovery from TAPL. I'm here to share my story about overcoming addiction and surviving a terminal progressive disease. My hope is to motivate others who may be facing any challenges in life and inspire people going through all types of recovery. Follow along on my journey back to health!

I love making YouTube videos about my unique therapies, editing my videos in a humorous and informative way, writing about my earlier life as a drug addict, and documenting this crazy journey - which is no where near over, and sharing my many insights I've learned along the way.


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This is my patient story!

My video showing how I used Saebo in my recovery therapy was featured on their blog!

  • Learn more about this condition here.


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